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Gun Control

What you say to opponents of gun laws By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Statement: We need military-style weapons to avoid tyranny. What you say; The Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Canada, and Australia, to name just a few democracies, ban assault weapons, … Continue reading

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Politifact, the Truth-O-Meter and Obama

What You Say When You’re Asked About Politifact and the Truth-O-Meter by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. From the forthcoming book Lincoln and Obama. We recommend you say that it can’t always be trusted. The U.S. does  need a fact-checker, an honest-to-God, … Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln Criticize the Supreme Court

Special announcement During the next few weeks I will cut back on my posts and tweets.   Am hard at work on a new book about Lincoln, and hope that you will continue to visit the website. As a way of … Continue reading

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Review of Edward Klein’s THE AMATEUR.

Abraham Lincoln author and Lincoln expert reacts to The Amateur Gene Griessman, Ph.D., author of several Lincoln titles, including The Words Lincoln Lived By, and a one-man play on Lincoln, compared Edward Klein’s harsh exposé on Obama to contemporary comments … Continue reading

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Delegation Advice From “The Good Wife”

Word Power in Action: What you say when you delegate authority but want to stay involved By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Two partners at a big law firm are on the phone in a new episode of the CBS hit show … Continue reading

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History Lessons on Memorial Day

History Lessons on Memorial Day By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. A nation that does not know its past is ignorant, Teach it. A nation that lives in its past is asleep. Awaken it. A nation that does not learn from its … Continue reading

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Lessons From Lincoln’s Farewell Address

Lessons From Lincoln: What You Say When You Give A Heartfelt Speech By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. “It is a gem that rightly took its place as one of the greatest of his speeches, but that is seldom recognized for what … Continue reading

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The Children of Immigrants: Scapegoats or Treasures?

Simple Simon Says The Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Be Treated Like Criminals By Simple Simon The other day Simple Simon read about plight of an honor student–let’s call her Lisa.  Lisa is a senior at a state … Continue reading

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Business Etiquette: How To End A Conversation At A Reception

Word Power: What You Say When You Want To Move On To Other Guests At A Reception By Gene Griessman,Ph.D. Have you ever felt trapped at a gathering with a bore, wanted to escape, but didn’t know how to extricate … Continue reading

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Conflict Management: When Saying Nothing Is A Mistake

When You Should Never Say Nothing By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Most of the time, you won’t get into trouble for what you don’t say. But there’s one big exception. If you have gotten into a heated argument, or a nasty … Continue reading

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