Writing Advice: How To Write A Romantic Note

What You Say When Romance Is In The Air
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Kelly Browne, in her fine book “101 Ways To Say Thank You,” not only provides an example of a message that can be written after a date,  she also offers some sound advice about dating—from a woman’s point of view.

Here’s her advice about what to do, what to write and what not to write, after that first date:

“If you have no intention of seeing a guy following your first date, then let the verbal ‘thank you’ given at the end of the evening suffice.  Don’t send an e-mail the next day thanking him again because he might think you’re interested in him.  If he follows up when you aren’t interested, simply let him know you appreciated the date and don’t set up a future one.”

And now here is her beautifully written note that can serve as something of a guide for your own message.


When I said, I always wished to have champagne over New York City, I never dreamed it would come true.

Sipping bubbles high atop the Empire State Building was a night I’ll never forget.

Thank you for caring enough to make my dream come true.

With affection,


Analysis of Kelly Browne’s  note:

One. It is imaginative. In the sample above, Maggie tells Sam that what they did was something she had always dreamed about.  (“I always wished…)

Two.  It is generous in its expression of appreciation. (Sam made her dream come true.)

Three.  It finds a way  to pay a compliment. (Sam was “caring.” Subtle, but it works.)

When you write someone you care about, see if you can find ways to incorporate these elements into your note, letter, or email.

Source: “101 Ways To Say Thank You” by Kelly Browne (Sterling: NY and London, 2008 www.sterlingpublishing.com) Whatyousay.com likes this book. It brims with examples and wise advice about thank-you messages.

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