A Love Letter To Postal Workers

A Love Letter To Those Who Deliver The Mail

Donald Trump just said “You are a joke.”

I don’t think any other President has even thought of saying anything like that

So let me speak for myself.

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with mail carriers, dating back to when a mailman delivered my first package—a telescope lens I’d seen advertised in a comic book.

I can still remember the thrill of opening that little brown package.

I love you for how long postal workers have been helping us.
Benjamin Franklin was Postmaster General before we became a nation. Abraham Lincoln was a postmaster for 3 years.

I remember a mailman named Johnny Greer who was a deacon at my church when I was a boy. Such a good man. Dignified. Kind. Courteous. .

I love postal workers because so many of you are still like that.

I love you because you are literally risking your lives every day leaving me letters and magazines and packages.

You’re probably praying Dear God, please don’t let me take the virus home to my kids tonight.

I love you because some 100,000 of you are veterans. Thank you for your service.

I love you because you deliver my heart medicine prescriptions, which means I don’t have to drive to the pharmacy.

I love you because I can remember back before the Civil Rights Movement the Post Office was the only place in many Southern towns where a black person could get a job that paid anything.

I love you because of how good you are at what you do.

I hate the expression “snail mail.”

I’ve learned you handle 154 billion letters every year. That’s billion with a B. That’s some 25 times the number of pieces that FEDEX and UPS combined deliver. And FEDEX and UPS are damn good.

Yer only a tiny fraction of one percent of the pieces ever gets lost.

No snail ever did anything like that.

I hope Trump will say I’m sorry for what he said. Or at least claim he was just being sarcastic.

But I can’t remember any time Trump’s ever said he was sorry about anything.

So I’m going to leave you this message in my mailbox. And post it on the Internet.
With love,
Gene Griessman

P.S. I’m hoping the many hundreds of people who like this FB page will want to say Thank You to a postal worker today.

And let Congress know know too

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