Abraham Lincoln on Failure

Be Careful What You Say When You Think You’ve Failed: Cautionary Tales from Wilbur Wright and Abraham Lincoln   By Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Gene Griessman

In 1900, the Wright brothers left Kitty Hawk earlier than they had planned, sad and discouraged.  They had endured months of crash landings and injuries trying to make their contraption fly right.   On the way back home, Wilbur told his brother, “Not within a thousand years will man ever fly.”

There’s a similar story from the life of Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln was so disappointed with his speech at Gettysburg that he told a friend that day, “That plow won’t scow.”   Lincoln was using a farmer’s expression.  A plow that won’t scow is so dull that it won’t break the soil to make a furrow.  Yet Lincoln’s dull plow of a speech has come to be known as The Gettysburg Address.

What do these stories have in common?

Neither Wilbur Wright nor Abraham Lincoln fully understood the importance of what they had done.  The Wright Brother’s seeming failure ushered in a new world of flight, and Lincoln’s speech raised the hopes of a discouraged nation.  Today it is considered one of the finest pieces ever written in the English language.

Sometimes what you do isn’t well received,  doesn’t get a standing ovation, is just downright depressing.  To get through those experiences, I have found that asking one question of myself has helped. And that question is, “Did I do the best I knew how?”  If I could answer that question in the affirmative, I was more able to accept the final result…or to resort to a hackneyed saying, to let the result take care of itself

In the case of the Wright Brothers, and Lincoln, the result of their efforts was not immediately apparent at Kitty Hawk or at Gettysburg.

The Words Lincoln Lived By

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