Avoid The Word “Compromise.” Instead, Here’s What You Say

Compromise is essential to the American government.  Small states compromise their interests with big states, the House  compromises with the Senate, the legislative branch with the executive branch, rurals with urbans, Republicans with Democrats, etc.  That’s the way it has been from the beginning.

Nothing gets done unless there is compromise.

But the word “compromise” is a bad word in America.  It implies weakness, being wishy-washy on principles, having no integrity.

So skillful politicians try to avoid using the word “compromise” and find another way to describe what they do.

And so should you.

Here’s how U.S. (Republican) Senator Johnny Isakson described his vote to support an initiative of President Obama–ratifying the START Treaty (nuclear arms inspection) with the Russian Federation.

Senator Isakson got a lot of criticism from Republicans for supporting President Obama’s effort.

Here’s the magic phrase Senator Isakson used in a speech at the Atlanta Press Club to describe his actions:  “I will work with anybody who’s going in the right direction.”

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