Trump’s Future

“You are losing. We heard you loved Evita. You saw it so many times. Where will you live out your years in disgrace? Will you buy Jeffrey Epstein’s island? One last extra special deal from him? Or will you be drooling on yourself in a suite at Walter Reed? Maybe you will be in prison?

I bet you fear that.

The Manhattan District Attorney may not be around to cover for you or your crooked kids anymore. Eliza Orlins doesn’t believe in different sets of rules for the Trumps. What about the State Attorney General? You know what you’ve done.

Oh, Donald. Who do you owe almost $500 million in personally guaranteed loans to? It’s all coming down. You think you and your disgusting family are going to be in deal-flow next year? Are you really that delusional?

You are lucky Chris Wallace interrupted you after Joe Biden said you weren’t smart. You started to melt down. That’s the place that hurts the most. Right? Fred Sr., knew it. You’ve spent your whole life proving it. You aren’t very smart. You couldn’t take the SAT on your own. What was the real score? 970? We both know you know.

Are the steroids wearing off? Is the euphoria fading? Do you feel foggy? Tired? Do you ache? How is the breathing? Hmmm. Are you watching TV today? We will have some nice surprises for you. Everyone is laughing at you. You are a joke. A splendid moron turned deadly clown.

Did you watch Martha McSally in her debate against American hero, fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly? She is so embarrassed by you. She is ashamed and full of self-loathing for the choice she made in following you over the cliff. She is in free fall now. She will lose, like most of them, because of you.

We hear from the White House and the campaign everyday. They are betraying you. They are looking to get out alive and salvage careers and their names. It’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner vs. Donald Trump Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle on the inside. They are at war over scraps and who gets to command what will be the remnants of your rancid cult.

It’s almost over now.

You are the greatest failure in American history.

You are the worst president in American history.

Disgrace will always precede your name.

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up ashamed of their names.

One day, I suppose there will be some small and not-much-visited library that bears your name. It will be the type of place where a drunk walks by, staring at the wall for a minute, before deciding it is beneath his dignity to piss on.

That’s what is waiting for you.

Joe Biden is a better man. He’s smarter. He’s winning.

Do you remember when you didn’t want to name Donald Trump Jr., Donald because you were worried about him being a loser named Donald?

You were right about that.

He is.

But it is you who will be remembered as America’s greatest loser. You will be crushed in the election!”
—Steve Schmidt

Schmidt’s Republican credentials are 24K. He’s been involved in numerous Republican campaigns including running John McCain’s presidential campaign. Schmidt is a founding member of the Lincoln Project.

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How To Disagree Gently And Then State Your Idea

How To Disagree Gently And Then State Your Idea

Listen attentively to the other person’s idea/strategy.

Then say: “That is certainly a PLAUSIBLE idea/strategy. Could I add another strategy that I’d like for us to consider for three reasons.” Or “Is like to add to that idea.” Etc.

This response has several advantages. One.It acknowledges that the other person has made a useful contribution. Two. The word “plausible” implies that the idea/strategy has strong points and possible weak points that need to be assayed. The word actually invites examination of strengths and weaknesses. Three. The word “plausible” gives you an opportunity to add your idea to the assay.

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Covid Deaths in Canada and the United States

Donald Trump, would you please explain something for me?

Why are so many Americans dying, and Canadians aren’t?.

Canada recorded just one Covid death this past Thursday and zero cases on Friday.

At that same time we reported about 1000 deaths every day. (Yesterday, over 1,100 new deaths.)

Here’s my problem.

There are about 9 times more Americans than Canadians, but we have 1000 Times More Covid Deaths Than Canadians Do.

You keep telling us that you banned the Chinese from coming here, and you told Bob Woodward that you’ve done a fantastic job, and you say we have the greatest healthcare system in the world.

So, why is our death rate 1000 times worse than Canada’s right now?

They have socialized medicine up there. Horrors!

We’ve been told for years that it takes weeks to see a doctor in Canada and years to get an operation.

So why are they doing so much better than we are?

A friend of mine says the Canadians have better national leadership than we do. Says you lied to us, that you knew we should wear face masks but you told us it was all a hoax.

That’s a nasty thing to say about you.

So tell me it isn’t true.

And don’t forget to explain why so many Americans are dying, and Canadians aren’t.

Commentary and great quotations at

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Trump Supporter Cripples U.S. Postal Service

The attack on the Postal Service has convinced me that Trump is not just incompetent, he’s extremely dangerous.

On the Postmaster General’s orders, they didn’t just quit picking up mail at the blue boxes. They spent money that they say they don’t have to haul them off.

They didn’t just stop using sophisticated high-speed sorting machines.

They dismantled them. Dumped them in the trash. Set them out in the rain to ruin.


So it would be a fait accompli.

They are brazen, without shame.

Polite complaints won’t deter them.

If Trump and his henchmen will do this, what else will they do? Their capacity for evil seems bottomless.

What can you do to stop them?


#Veterans have taken it upon themselves to “adopt” a mailbox and protect it from removal.

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FIRST COUNT: PIGGYBANK FOR CORRUPT LEADERS (Think yachts, private jets, the Bahamas)



Fred Gutenberg, whose 14-year old daughter was slain during the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, wrote:

“It is the cold, dead hands of my daughter and other innocent Americans that are never letting up on the @NRA. Your illegal terrorist business enterprise that engaged in money laundering and fraud with its victims treated as a cost of doing business is over. YOUR TIME IS UP!!!”

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Why People Don’t Like Donald Trump

Why People Don’t Like Donald Trump

“Nobody likes me. It can only be my personality.”—Donald Trump, Press briefing, July 28, 2020

Dear Donald Trump,

You are right. Millions of Americans do not like you. In fact millions loathe you,

You think it’s your personality.

But there’s another reason. It’s Karma.

You are reaping what you have sown. And the harvest is proving to be bitter, isn’t it?

You have called others nasty names, and now you are called every vile name imaginable…as even a cursory search of Facebook will reveal.

You call journalists liars and enemies of the people, and now even the most restrained keep a tally of your falsehoods and made-up stuff.

And use the L word to describe you.

Ah, Karma.

You despise refugees; aliens, you call them.

You scorn the poor; losers, you call them.

And lo, sir, you are scorned.

You want your political opponents locked up. It’s a chant at your rallies.

And now there’s a good chance you will be locked up.

Or worse. You run with men who do nasty things to people. Better not annoy them.

You thrive on conspiracy theories, and now conspiracy theories swirl about you.

Like, why do you find fault with every democratic world leader, but never Putin?

Even if you are as pure as freshly fallen snow, just imagine how Hillary Clinton felt when you spun vicious stories about her.

Or how President Obama felt when you spread birther stories about him.

You have mocked your predecessors, and their families do not want you to even show up at their funerals.

So, it’s more than just a personality problem.

It’s Karma. If you do bad things, bad things come back to you. Sorta like a boomerang.

Here’s an example.

There are about 800,000 Dreamers. They were brought here when they were just children

You have toyed with them, threatened to deport them to appease your base.

I ask you, sir, do you think there’s a Dreamer in all the land who holds a good thought about you?

And there are almost a million of them. Plus their families and their friends and their neighbors and their employers and untold millions of Americans who overwhelmingly believe you’ve treated them abominably.

Karma is the way the universe works.

“For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

That’s so predictable, scientists call it a “law.” Actually, Newton’s Third Law.

The bad will come back to you, in equal measure.

That’s inevitable, as certain as tomorrow morning’s sun will rise in the east, not the west.

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Trump And His Predecessors: Compared

Dear Donald Trump,
You keep saying you’ve done more than any previous President. Said it again two days ago.
I wish you wouldn’t say that. Makes you sound uninformed about American history.

As a gentle reminder, sir, here’s an abbreviated list of what some of your predecessors have done.

Jefferson—the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lincoln—the Emancipation Proclamation, land grant colleges. the intercontinental railroad, the Homestead Act.

Oh, by the way, President Lincoln did all that during his first three-and-a-half years, while engaged in the Civil War.

Theodore Roosevelt—the National Parks

Franklin Delano Roosevelt—Social Security, WPA. CCC. FDIC, TVA

Truman—the Marshall Plan, the GI Bill, GI loans, the UN

Eisenhower—the Interstate Highway System

JFK—the Space Program, the Peace Corps

LBJ—the Moon Landing, Head Start, the Civil Rights Act of 1964

No need to go on. It’s already pretty obvious.

Fifty years from now, sir, nobody will remember or care what your employment numbers were or how many government regulations you cut.

Many may even forget about your disastrous handling of the pandemic. Or that you unwisely weakened alliances with our allies.

What will they remember?

That you were impeached, and that you built a few lonely, needless miles of border wall.
—By Gene Griessman PhD

Trump’s Wall

Trump’s Wall

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Trump and King Herod

  1. Insider commentary

Trump appears headed toward an odious place in history—as KING HEROD OF AMERICA

If that scenario sounds hyperbolic, consider this.

According to sacred history, King Herod of Judea ordered children to be killed so that he could stay in power.

Trump will never order children to be killed.

But he will order them to go to unsafe schools where they will be exposed to the mysterious killer virus.

And turn innocents into spreaders.

Trump will do anything to stay in power. Anything

Trump’s enablers will endanger teachers and cafeteria workers and maids and janitors and bus drivers…and children in order to proclaim what a fine job Trump is doing.

Trump’s says he will cut off school funding if he’s not obeyed.

He’s deadly serious. Trump has to be. The stakes are high.

If this prediction sounds grim. So is the protagonist.

Do you think the lust for power ended with the Borgias, or King John, or King Herod of Judes?

This adversary is powerful and ruthless.

The children that Herod killed are remembered today as The Holy Innocents.

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Mothers Will Pay No Attention To Trump

Does Trump and his enablers Betsy Devos and DeSantis of Florida and Kemp of Georgia think that they can order children back to school if mothers don’t want that to happen?
In a child-oriented culture?
Today’s American mother is already guilt ridden, and the most obsessive in the nation’s history?
Will Trump’s cruel threat to cut school funding make mothers comply?
Does Trump think he is giving orders to the kitchen staff at one of his resorts?
Trump and Devos and DeSantis and Kemp are about to be taught a severe lesson.
They won’t learn from it but I’ll bet they feel the licks.
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One Reason Trump and His Enablers Are Not Like Us

F Scott Fitzgerald
“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.”
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