Trump: What Has He Done?

What has Trump done that will be remembered 20 years from now?

I can’t think of anything consequential. Can you?

He claims he created the greatest economy in the history of the world, but he inherited a robust economy from Obama.

Unemployment was already in the 4s and the stock market had broken all-time highs.

Under Trump manufacturing has sunk to a 10-year low and American agriculture is on life support.

All before the virus pandemic.

Republicans raided the treasury and left it empty in the name of a tax cut. The deficit has been climbing at an alarming rate.

So, what has Trump done?

Other Presidents:
the Emancipation Proclamation, the Louisiana Purchase, the 13th Amendment, Civil Service, the National Parks, Social Security, the Peace Corps, Interstate highways, the Moon landing, Head Start, FHA, FDIC, the Civil Rights Act, GI Mortgages. the EPA, the ACA, the GI Bill.

To claim that Trump has accomplished more than any previous President is laughable.


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Who is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is a stupid man’s idea of a smart man, a poor man’s idea of a rich man, and a weak man’s idea of a strong man.

(This is a post that was sent to the Lincoln and Obama Facebook page by Donna J.Madden-Miller)

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Trump and the Office of President

The President of the United States

He is not a king, his power is not absolute. He is a temporary worker, hired for four years, and if he/she is deemed acceptable then is given a contract another four years, then a boot out of office. Colleen Bryner

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Trump: Advice for a King or a Mob Boss

“Do me a favor, though.”

It’s one thing to attack voting by mail as bad practice.

(It isn’t. We’ve voted by mail for decades.)

But it’s corrupt and cruel to tell the people of Michigan that you are going to cut off aid if the Governor and Secretary of State disobey you.

“Better to be feared than loved” is good advice for a king or a mob boss. But not for an elected leader.
—Gene Griessman

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Where Your Freedom Ends

Where Your Freedom Ends By Gene Griessman

I heard about some guy at Costco who refused to wear a face mask. Said he woke up in the land of the free.

Even if he did wake up in the land of the free, I wonder if he drives on the right side of the road, slows down in school zones, and stops at red lights.

Individual freedom ends where the needs and rights of others begin.

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How To Avoid Talking About Something

How To Avoid Talking About Something
By Gene Griessman PhD

Millions of Americans never knew that Franklin Delano Roosevelt could not walk.

One big reason. Newspapers never reported it. And one big reason newspapers never reported it was Stephen Early, FDR’s press secretary.

When reporters would begin to pry, Early had one sentence ready for them.

“It’s not a story,” Early would say.

That’s a power phrase you might want to use when you have to deal with prying questions.

If you want to give your response a humorous twist, you can say, “If you’re a reporter, tell your editor it’s.not a story.”

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Obamagate: Trump’s Latest Bright, Shiny Object

Trump’s newest attempt to distract attention away from his monumental failures is something he and Fox News have dubbed Obamagate.

Was Intelligence Committee chair Senator Burr exposed and silenced in an attempt to make this crackpot idea seem plausible? Did he know too much? Was he too patriotic to go along? The timing alone makes it look suspicious. No proof. Just wondering…

But it won’t work—except with his brainwashed followers.

The Obama’s are too beloved, as all opinion polls and blockbuster sales of “Becoming” attest.

Just shows how desperate Trump and his henchmen have become.

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Denmark and the Pandemic

The Pandemic: How Denmark Did It Right

“If you want to be successful at anything, find people who are successful at what you want to do and study how they do it.”

—B.Eugene Griessman, “Time Tactics of Very Successful People”

The wheel has already been invented and is available for all to see in Denmark.

Nicholas Kristof wrote about his recent visit to Copenhagen in a wonderfully perceptive opinion piece in The New York Times (May 10,2020)

Here are excerpts from his article:

“Some Americans cite Sweden as a model for coronavirus response because it has not imposed a major lockdown.

But, in fact, Denmark, separated from Sweden by a bridge, has been far more successful: Denmark’s death rate from Covid-19 per million people is less than one-third of Sweden’s, and forecasters predict that Denmark’s economy will do better than Sweden’s this year.

Denmark, by saving lives, has also saved its economy, at least so far.

Starting pay for the humblest burger-flipper at McDonald’s in Denmark is about $22 an hour once various pay supplements are included. The McDonald’s workers in Denmark get six weeks of paid vacation a year, life insurance, a year’s paid maternity leave and a pension plan. And like all Danes, they enjoy universal medical insurance and paid sick leave.

One reason Denmark was more effective than the United States in responding to the crisis is that no Dane hesitated to seek treatment because of concerns about medical bills.”

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Kool-Aid Drinkers

Who’s Drinking the Kool-Aid?

I got a response on my Facebook page from a Trump supporter who was dismayed to find so many posts on this FB page that find fault with Trump

He said, “Looks like you liberal fools have all been drinking Mainstream media Kool-Aid.”

I see a lot of posts like that. Maybe it’s a Fox News or Breitbart or an Infowars talking point.

The problem is this befuddled man has it backward.

At the Jonestown Massacre, the cult leader Jim Jones served the Kool-Aid and it was the cult followers who drank the Kool-Aid.

What the Mainstream media did was report who, when, where, why—and the body count.

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Trump’s Folly

Did Trump’s valet get the virus from the President?

Did Pence’s press secretary get the virus from Pence?

Neither Trump nor Pence wear face masks.

We know that the mask protects others from the wearer. Not the other way around.

The people closest to Trump and Pence are vulnerable because Trump and Pence meet people all the time, yet refuse to wear masks.

We know both of them are careless about social distancing, don’t wear gloves. We see it with our own eyes.

Trump reportedly got “lava-level mad” because he was not being adequately protected.

Who protects the valet? Who protects the press secretary?

Here’s what they’ve been saying inside the White House:

“Masks are for panicked liberals.”

Trump’s folly!

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