Honest Donald

Have you ever heard anybody call Trump an honest man?

I haven’t. Have you?

I’ve met three Presidents —Clinton, Carter, and Reagen. Have sat down and done interviews with two of them, Carter and Reagan.

I’ve never met Biden or Trump, so my opinion is based on listening to them, reading about them, and paying attention to people who are close to them, to what those people say…and don’t say.

Here’s what they say. John McCain’s widow in a campaign ad publicly calls Biden “a good and honest man.” Her exact words.

For years McCain and Biden were Senators on opposite sides of the aisle. You have to know that if Biden were corrupt,
he’d have told his wife. McCain didn’t sugarcoat words.

But not just McCain. Many prominent figures—some of them fierce political rivals—use the same words. Decent. Good. Honest.

But, again, I’ve neve heard anybody use any of those words to describe Donald Trump.

Think about that.

Trump has told so many lies there’s even a Wikipedia page entitled “Veracity of Statements by Donald Trump.” that lists the grossest ones.

Trump’s followers say 93% of the media is biased against him. If that statistic is correct, they shouldn’t tell anybody.

If that many journalists agree about anything, you can safely bet that it’s true. Media people get a chance to see him up close. something that Fox friends confined to couches at home don’t do.

I once did an interview with Barry Goldwater in his Washington office. “Nixon’s the most dishonest man I know,” the senator said. “Nixon doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie.”

Mary Trump uses almost the same words to describe her uncle. A therapist with an earned doctorate, she has sub-titled her book, “How my family created the world’s most the most dangerous man.”

Trump’s former chief of staff General John Kelly reportedly has told friends, “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me.”

Yet Trump has somehow managed to fool millions, and has kept them fooled.

But not everyone.

That’s because you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

—Gene Griessman, PhD