Using The Telephone: What You Say In Difficult Phone Situations

What should you say if someone calls, and you really want to talk, but you’re on the way out the door to a meeting?

One effective technique is to use a power statement at the very beginning of the conversation. It’s friendlier to do this at the beginning than it is after you’ve begun the conversation. You can say something up-front like this, “You caught me as I was walking out the door. But I have 30 seconds now, or I can call you back later on. I really want to talk with you.”

Sometimes callers will edit what they have to say.  I’ve had callers respond, “Not a problem. I can tell you in 30 seconds.”

Another way to use phone cues is pre-number your comments.  Pre-numbering is a technique that media coaches tell clients who are about to be interviewed.  The concept works brilliantly on the phone, whether for a media interview or a business call.

Here’s how to pre-number.   Say something like, “I’m glad I caught you.  I have three( or two or four) items I want your reaction to….” This technique ensures that you will be able to get to all the items on your list.

Try both of these telephone techniques yourself.  Improving your telephone skills will pay off big time.

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