Business Letter of Invitation

What You Say When You Write A Business Letter of Invitation

In business communication, remember that a business letter of invitation will look similar to other formal invitations. Your invitation will have the organization’s name and logo or symbol at the top.

If the event will have designated hosts, list their names next, followed by the invitation phrase.  Here are some sample invitation phrases:  “Mr. and Ms. Karen Spiegel request the pleasure of your company at a brunch…”   “Dr. Melvin Kranzberg, Callaway Professor of the History of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology cordially invites you to a seminar…”

The invitation phrase and description of the event is followed by the date, time, and location plus where to reply, and instructions about appropriate attire.

Both the date and time are written in words rather than numerals, and dates are never abbreviated.

While some people use the phrase, “Regrets Only,”  this is not recommended because you may never know whether an invitation reached its intended recipient.  It is preferable to keep a record of who has responded so that you can follow up on those who have not replied by a specific date.

For further ideas about business letter writing and letters of invitation, we recommend “Letitia Baldrige’s Complete Guide To Executive Manners.”

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