Candace Owens and Joseph McCarthy

Candace Owens is the leading contender for this year’s Joseph McCarthy Prize.

This prize, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a conspiracy theorist, is coveted by many Republicans.

“We are looking for the man or woman who most reminds us of the late beloved Senator Joe McCarthy,” one of the judges explained.

The judge noted that they were impressed by Candace’s name-calling ability.

“She’s not as good as Trump at name calling, but, gosh, who is? We feel that with time she can become a world-class name-caller.

He said the judges were a
impressed by her sloppy logic—lumping millions of liberals together as though they all hold the same political views.

Also Candace’s limited understanding of history is seen as a plus.

That and her apocalyptic warnings will certainly excite right-wing audiences and will assure her hefty speaking fees.

Her minority status is a huge advantage to a political party that’s desperate to prove that it just adores blacks.

“Candace definitely has the backing of most John Birchers, but we are taking a serious look at Senator Josh Hawley,” he added.

“How could we ever forget Hawley’s courage as he pumped his fist and encouraged the Trump mob to storm the Capitol on December 6?”
—Gene Griessman

Gene Griessman is an internationally known keynote speaker, actor, and communication strategist. His book “TheWords Lincoln Lived By” is in its 23rd printing and “Time Tactics of Very Successful People” is in its 43rd printing. His training video “Lincoln on Communication” is owned by thousands of corporations, libraries, and government organizations. He has spoken at conventions and annual meetings all over the world. To learn more about his presentations, call 404-435-2225. Learn more at Atlanta Speakers Bureau or at his website. His latest book “Lincoln and Obama” has just been released by Audible.
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