Cope With Difficult People: Ask Them This Question

What You Say When You Are Asked A Question That You Don’t Wish To Answer by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

If someone asks you a pointed question that’s intrusive or impertinent, turn the tables on them by asking: “Does it matter?”

That’s what King Philip of France does in the great play (and movie) “The Lion in Winter.”  When the English king Henry II asks him if his son as been to see him, because it’s awkward to answer either way, the King of France adroitly responds, “Does it matter?”

King Philip’s question is a marvelous question that you can use.

Here’s how. If someone asks you, say, how much you got paid, or where you were last night, or whether you attend church, or if you are a Christian, or if you are Jewish, respond: “Does it matter?” The question need not be aggressive. It doesn’t sound like “None of your business,” but it pushes back by putting the questioner on the defensive.

If the response is either yes or no, you can then ask a follow-up question, Why?

You do not have to be at the mercy of aggressive difficult people who ask questions that they have no business asking.  Cope with difficult people by asking  a good question of your own.

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