Covid Deaths in Canada and the United States

Donald Trump, would you please explain something for me?

Why are so many Americans dying, and Canadians aren’t?.

Canada recorded just one Covid death this past Thursday and zero cases on Friday.

At that same time we reported about 1000 deaths every day. (Yesterday, over 1,100 new deaths.)

Here’s my problem.

There are about 9 times more Americans than Canadians, but we have 1000 Times More Covid Deaths Than Canadians Do.

You keep telling us that you banned the Chinese from coming here, and you told Bob Woodward that you’ve done a fantastic job, and you say we have the greatest healthcare system in the world.

So, why is our death rate 1000 times worse than Canada’s right now?

They have socialized medicine up there. Horrors!

We’ve been told for years that it takes weeks to see a doctor in Canada and years to get an operation.

So why are they doing so much better than we are?

A friend of mine says the Canadians have better national leadership than we do. Says you lied to us, that you knew we should wear face masks but you told us it was all a hoax.

That’s a nasty thing to say about you.

So tell me it isn’t true.

And don’t forget to explain why so many Americans are dying, and Canadians aren’t.

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