Dating Advice for Men: Where To Find Datable Women

Where To Look and What You Say To Women

I found some interesting dating advice in a book from the steamy seventies entitled The Sensous Man by M.

The advice is dated, but some of the basic ideas—like reading women’s magazines and having a sense of humor—are sound.  Here are some excepts:

“A Heretofore Unrevealed Secret Technique for Meeting Available Women:  There are available women who will be compatible with your personality, susceptible to your sensuality, and receptive to your advances.

“The best evidence of this is the number of articles and books for women on the subject, ‘Where to Meet Men’ (also titled ‘How to Catch a Man’) There are as many women hunting men as the reverse…The only difference is, most women don’t hunt as openly….

“My first advice, then, for the man is this: Buy several women’s magazines and a book or two. turn to the sections on ‘Where to Meet Men,’ find out where available men are supposed to be found, and go there.

“The women will be waiting for you. Look for the carefully dressed ones…particularly the ones who crane their necks to check out each new arrival at a ‘singles’ bar, who stare endlessly at unfathomable abstract sculpture at the museum…Such women can be approached with confidence.”

M goes on to explain what you say after you find an “approachable” woman:

“Are you cool enough to pick up a girl? Most men, in truth, are not. But if you are, the opportunities are limitless….

“The secret of success in picking up women is ‘the line.’ It must be credible; or, on the other hand, in incredible and outrageous as to be amusing and appealing…And it must be of short duration. Avoid any fabrications that have to be sustained throughout the relationship. An affair based on deception will have a weak foundation.”

M recommends several ways to start a conversation. Frankly, thinks most of them are so stupid that you should not even think about using them. But we found one that is so outrageous, and so funny, that we think it can be used by either a man or woman. It’s a line that M recommends for a supermarket:

YOU: Excuse me, do you know where I can find the frozen raccoon?

SHE: (startled: The what?

YOU: Frozen raccoon. I was told it’s a new frozen dinner by Swanson.

SHE: Oh, come on–

YOU: I was skeptical too–(laughing)–but a guy I met at a party the other night (or a guy at work)told me it was delicious.

“This one demands a winning personality,” M observed.  “Its strong points are its outrageousness, humor and obviousnessness as a pickup line.”

We are inclined to agree.  I know a guy who says outrageously stupid lines like this mall the time. Without exception the women look startled, then laugh, and he continues the conversation with a compliment.  He says if you can get a lady to laugh, you’re on the way to a friendly encounter.

Try it. The worst thing that can happen is to be told where the frozen foods are located.  On second thought, if you don’t do it right, you could be told to carry on your search somewhere else in the supermarket  (i.e. get lost).


Gene Griessman

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