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Meeting Women: Mental Preparation

Unless you find yourself  in some desolate, remote, or dangerous part of the world, you probably will be able to meet women.  The problem for most men is knowing what to say when they do meet someone desirable.  What does it matter if you meet the woman of your dreams, if you blow it?

If you  are rich or famous or incredibly good looking, you may be successful without taking anybody’s advice.  But for most men, success comes with experience and preparation.

How do you prepare to meet women?  It’s a mental game.  It’s something you do with your head.

Here are some comments about mental preparation by David DeAngelo.   We think DeAngelo’s dating advice tips are worth doing, and do-able.

“I don’t want to sound like a weird motivational self-help guy, but mental preparation WORKS.

Take some time when you’re alone, close your eyes, and actually plan out how you’d like interactions with women to go. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll learn A LOT from it.

You’ll think of things that you never would have imagined when you’re taking things step by step in your mind.

One of the OTHER best things you can do is GET A JOURNAL so you can keep notes to yourself.

Try this:

Sit down and write out 20 great things you could have said in (a particular) situation, then go through and mentally imagine saying each one five times.


If you really sense that the conversation is about to end, you need to know how to ask for her email/number and go.”

So, you want to meet women?  Get ready for the meeting–in your head.  As in every other area of human endeavor, success in male-female relationships rarely comes to those who are unprepared.

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