Democratic Big-city Mayors and Gun Violence

Democratic mayors of our big cities are not the cause of the explosion of gun violence.

The cause is the ease with which bad guys can get guns.

If we are really appalled by gun violence—as I am—we should focus on the successful efforts of the Republican Party and the NRA to block every single attempt to regulate guns.

It is always, always, always Republicans who stand in the way.

Democratic have their faults but this is not one of them.

Let’s begin with Sandy Hook.

Gun zealots say guns don’t kill. People kill.

Please, do not say that to the parents who will never ever see or hold their precious children again.

If the killer had showed up with a knife or a hatchet or a sword, the children and the teachers might have had a chance.

Please do not say that to Stoneman Douglas High School parents. If the killer had come with a knife or a hatchet or a sword, most likely all those victims would be alive today.

So, please, please, please do not say guns don’t kill. They do.

Americans now own more than 390 million of them.

There are an additional 1-3 million military-style weapons out there waiting to be used. (A conservative estimate)

They will be used by Americans to kill Americans.

When our country is awash with guns, is it a surprise that killers use them?

Plus a river of illegal weapons flows from America to mafias and cartels south of us.

“The American continent is the most homicidal one on earth with forty-seven of the 50 most murderous cities.”
—Ioan Grillo “Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs And Cartels.”

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