Disagree Statement:What You Say When You Don’t Want To Agree

What You Say When You Reach A Stalemate, And Want To Dig In Your Heels
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Have you ever been in an argument, and the individual with whom you were arguing said something like, “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree…You have your opinion, and I have mine.”

What should you say to indicate that you remain unconvinced?

Whatyousay.com recently heard a response that we like.  The other party replied, “Yes, I do have an opinion that’s different from yours.”

This response is effective because it’s concise and clear.  It signals that it’s time to move on to another topic, or perhaps signals that the other party has to do more selling, more convincing in order to change your opinion.

We think a version of this response also can be useful in a media interview.  You might say, “Yes, I do have that opinion, and here are three (or two or four) reasons I do.”


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