Donald Trump and Herbert Hoover

Trump is going to make Herbert Hoover look like a financial wizard.

The Republican-controlled Senate has gone home for a three-week vacation—-but before leaving did nothing to help states and municipalities on the verge.

But not a word of complaint from Trumpists who foamed at the mouth when Nancy Pelosi tried to keep all the billions Congress appropriated from going to fat cats.

Cult members wanted to lock Pelosi up.

Mitch McConnell said, “Let the states go bankrupt.” That’s right up there with Marie Antoinette‘a “Let them eat cake.”

This from the Republican cult that now calls itself the “States’ Rights Party.”

Meanwhile, first-responders,
police, firefighters, health care workers, and teachers are being furloughed and terminated.

Just wait till all those people join the millions already unemployed.

Welcome to the Republican “Transition To Greatness”

Donald Trump is the end point of what the Republican Party has become.

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