Questions To Start A Conversation With A Wealthy Woman

It is relatively easy to begin a conversation with men.    You can ask early on “What business are you in?”   This conversation starter  is not bullet-proof, but it usually moves a conversation along.  (One exception is a man who looks  old enough to be retired.  In this case, the suggestions below often work. )

But it is not a very good conversation starter for a woman, especially if she is wealthy.  Some wealthy women are in business, and take pride in their careers, but many wealthy women do not work, never have worked, and never intend to if they can avoid it.  For some women, and for some of their spouses,  it is a matter of pride that they do not work.

“What business are you in?” can be an awkward conversation starter even for women who are not wealthy.   The woman may have dropped out of the work-force to have a baby, to home-school her children, etc.

What to say?

Here’s a power question that usually works.  “What are your interests? or “Tell me about what you really like to do?”

These are not perfect as conversation openers, but they are better than most alternatives.

Recently one of our panelists used “What are your interests?” at a reception.  The woman was rich, the wife of a successful attorney.  She replied, “Reading and traveling.”

This was all that was  needed to move the conversation along.  He responded, “I love to travel.  I’m always looking for new places to visit.  What is one of your very favorite places?”

She replied, “Italy.  I could live in Florence.”   Then she told me about another recent trip to Viet Nam and updated me on tourist facilities and attitudes toward Americans.   It all started with the question:  “What are your interests?”

Next time you are starting a conversation with someone you don’t know, experiment with “What are your interests?” We would love to hear what happens.  And if you know a good conversation opener for this kind of person, please share it with us. 

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