How To Write A Thank You Note After Your Job Interview

After the Interview: What You Say In The Thank You Note.

Here are some tips based on Kelly Brown’s “Business Note Checklist.”

Send your thank-you note immediately. An immediate follow-up to your meeting shows you would make a conscientious and productive employee, executive, consultant, or vendor.

Limit your thank-you note to one page.

Use fonts that are business-appropriate.

Don’t use any other ink color than black or blue

Keep your closing professional. “Sincerely” is always an excellent choice

Hand-write your signature

Proof-read your letter. Always read it out loud and use the spell-check option in your word-processing program. You can lose a job simply because you are sloppy. If you send the same basic thank-you note to to several individuals who interviewed you, make absolutely sure that you change the interviewer’s name in the address and “Dear” section of your message.

Reiterate your desire for the position. Do indicate that you will follow-up, and when.

Clarify any uncertainties the interview might have expressed, and show your strengths.

Ask for the sale. This may be the very last chance you ever get to present your case.

Source: “101 Ways To Say Thank You” by Kelly Browne (Sterling: NY and London, 2008 likes this book. It brims with examples and wise advice about thank-you messages..

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