How To Write A Twitter Message:Abbreviations

What You Say If You Want To Abbreviate When You Tweet

I asked contributor and social media expert Kelly Vandever to tell us which Twitter abbreviations that she commonly uses. Here is Kelly’s response.

“This is not very exciting, but here are some of my most common abbreviations.

I try not to abbreviate.  Mostly I reword or remove words to make messages shorter.

Here are common abbreviations I’ve copied from others
Social Medi = SoMe
to = 2
be = B
you = U
retweet = RT
you are = UR
you’re welcome = YW
see = C

Here are some regular words I use but try to write shorter – they’re usually understood within the context of the tweet
powerful = pwrful
project = proj
resolution = res
through = thru
your = yr

I hope this helps.”  –Kelly Vandever

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