Letter of Complaint

What You Say In A Complaint Letter: Rules To Follow

The letter-writing advice below is based on “The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette” by Lillian Hunt Chaney and Jeanette St. Clair Martin.

1.  The complaint letter should not be written when you are angry

2.  The complaint letter should have no apparent emotion.  (Whatyousay begs to differ.  We think it is desirable to make carefully chosen statements that express emotion, such as “I was terribly disappointed…”  “I was so looking forward to receiving the lamp that we ordered. I could just picture it in our den…”  We think this adds a nice touch.  We certainly do agree with the authors that you must stay in control of your emotions when you write a complaint letter.)

3.  The complaint letter should be factual. (Whatyousay agrees totally.  Double-check, no, triple-check every item you mention in your letter.)

4.  The complaint letter should be grammatically correct.

5.  The complaint letter should contain only essential information.

6.  The complaint letter should be polite.  If a letter is antagonistic, the receiver may not give it the attention it needs.

7.  The complaint letter should be directed to the appropriate person.  Make a phone call or visit the organization’s web site to find out to whom the letter should be addressed, and make sure the person’s name is spelled correctly.  (whatyousay adds this qualification.  When you make the phone call, ask if the person mentioned on the website is still in that position, and if he/she is receiving business correspondence. That person just might be on sick leave, and your letter might languish unread for weeks.)

–excerpted and adapted from Lillian Hunt Chaney and Jeanette St. Clair Martin, “The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette”

There are additional helpful rules to follow in “Time Tactics Of Very Successfil People.”


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