Never say to your child…

Never say to your child…”Great job” if your child did not do a great job.      Never give unearned smiley faces, says Yale professor Amy Chu.
Chu, who’s the mother of two, and author of author of the provocative book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” thinks American parents are not strict enough. She thinks it’s bad for children to be too easy on them.

Here’s what Chu said in a recent interview:  “Although Western parents are the ones that worry so much about self-esteem – and Chinese parents don’t–they assume strength rather than fragility – I wonder if the Chinese approach isn’t better at creating self-esteem. You can coddle your child and tell them, “You’re the best no matter what.” But in the end, when they go out into the real world, I think it’s pretty tough out there, and other children are cruel. When your child doesn’t do so well at school or make the team they’d wished they’d made or can’t get the job they want, that’s when people really lose self-esteem. “

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