Obama’s Legacy and Trump

We received a comment on the Lincoln and Obama Facebook page from a Trump follower about Obama’s legacy. Here’s the full text:

“The very fact you wear your libtardation attitude on your shirt sleeve shows you are nothing but a deranged unstable little man who just can’t stand a President who does exactly what he said he would do. Hows it feel to be an Obama lover and know Obama’s entire Legacy is gone, flushed down the toilet and what spilled was moped up and thrown out with the trash.”

How do the words of this man make me feel?

@He doesn’t know 1.5 million more jobs were created during Obama’s last 3 years than Trump’s first 3;

@He doesn’t know 20 million more Americans got medical coverage under Obamacare;

@He doesn’t appreciate cleaner air and water;
@He doesn’t understand how a dictator seizes power.

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  1. Robert LaG says:

    Are you referring to the most ignorant, buffoonish, anti-intellectual, bullying, swamp crawling, childish, autocratic and most corrupt and dangerous president this nation has ever conceived?

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