Positive Parenting Requires Appropriate Praise–With Just The Right Tone of Voice
The tone of your voice is very important, “SuperNanny” Jo Frost believes.
You should have at least two voices that you use with children: the Voice of Approval and the Voice of Authority.

The Voice of Authority is low and serious.   The Voice of Approval is higher and more enthusiastic, but it should be adapted to the age of the child.

“A nine-year-old is going to think you’re being patronizing if you praise her the way you would praise a toddler.”  Frost believes that in addition to the tone of your voice,  you should use touch to show approval–a hug, a pat on the back. “You behaved very well at Grandma’s house, saying please and thank you.   Well done!  That makes me very proud!” “When you warn your children, you say why you are warning them and identify the bad behavior.  It should be the same when you praise them.   When your children are doing well, single out the good behavior. ”
(Power statement is in bold.)
Adapted and excerpted from “Ask Supernanny: What Every Parent Wants To Know” by Jo Frost

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