Parenting: How To Tell Your Child To Do Homework

What You Say To A Child About Homework: A Famous Example

In Barack Obama’s memoir Dreams From My Father, he writes about growing up in Indonesia:  “…five days a week (my mother) came into my room at four in the morning, force-fed me breakfast, and proceeded to teach me my English lessons for three hours before I left for school and she left for work.  I offered stiff resistance to this regimen, but in response to every strategy I concocted…she would patiently repeat her most powerful defense: ‘This is no picnic for me either, buster.'” thinks this little story from the life of America’s 44th President can be put to good use by parents today. Here’s one way to use it. The next time your youngster resists doing his/her homework, respond by saying: “Let me tell you a true story about a young boy who was awakened by his mother at 4 o’clock each morning, and after he ate breakfast, made sure that he studied for three hours before he left for school” Then say, “That boy became very famous.  Let me tell you his name and where he is now?” Kids need role models. believes that this story humanizes a success story that virtually any child can identify with. –Gene Griessman Don’t leave yet. is full of great advice from very wise individuals. Check out the other great articles. You’re already here.  Why rush off? We guarantee you’ll be a better communicator and more successful if you invest your time here. If you’d like to learn more about Gene Griessman’s books, cds, and dvds. “One of the very best videos ever made. It’s a classic like ‘Gone With The Wind.’ I show it in many of my seminars. Everyone loves it.”


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