Time Saver : Remember That Restaurant Menus Do Not Always Tell The Truth

Most restaurant  menus stretch the truth. The food descriptions are often written by copywriters who’ve never even been to the restaurant.  Descriptions are often lifted from other  restaurant’s menus.

If the description of every item on the menu makes your mouth water, and you can’t make up your mind, try asking the server the following question.  It’s one of our favorite time tactics: “What are your two or three most popular items?” This is a better question to ask than “Which is the best item on the menu?”  The “best” item will probably be the most expensive item.  (Go figure.) But the most popular items on the menu generally will be the best items on the menu. Word gets around, so the saying goes.

If it’s a celebrated restaurant, ask, “Is there any item that you’re famous for?” or “What are your signature items?” With these questions, you can make a decision more quickly and, chances are, you will get a dish that is tasty, perhaps even memorable.

Use these time tactics next time you try out a different restaurant.  Not only will you improve your time management skills by starting to use them, you’ll get tastier food too.

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