Sample Congratulations Messages

What You Say When You Write A
Letter Of Congratulations

Edited by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Here is a sample letter of congratulations written by family member that can be adapted to many situations.   You can well imagine how this message would be welcomed by a child, a teenager after a public performance.

“Last night a star was born. After years of dance school and hours of practice, you weren’t just my niece anymore. You were a dancer and a  sensational one, too. How is it possible for you to get up on your toes like that and still look so graceful?  Put me down for tickets the next time you perform.”

Here is another sample message of congratulations that is less specific, but is much shorter.

Don’t be put off because it is short—just two lines.  If you write it carefully on expensive note paper, the impact on the reader can be powerful.   This particular sample message of congratulations is not limited to a performance at a recital.  It can be sent as a business message after a sales presentation, etc.

“You were spectacular (or terrific, or stunning, etc.) last night (or whenever).

I’m just glad I was there to see it.”

Excerpted and adapted from Veronica Deisler and Marylou Ambrose “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Right Words for Any Occasion”

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