Senator Romney’s Impeachment Speech

“Is there one among you who will say enough?”
—Adam Schiff, closing statement in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump

Years ago I read John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage” not knowing then that I would ever personally witness profiles in courage of such magnitude.

There were eight profiles in Kennedy’s book.

On February 5, 2020 I saw two: Senator Doug Jones, a Democrat from deep red Alabama and Senator Mitt Romney, not just a Republican but a Republican who had run for President and garnered almost 61 million votes.

Truth and Consequences.

Senator Doug Jones, barring a miracle, will be annihilated come November when political passions are boiling. Yet he stood and voted “Guilty” knowing of the wrath to come.

I did not vote for Senator Romney when he was the Presidential candidate.

But now…

Attendance was not mandatory and just four Senators were present when the speech that shook Washington took place. Two of the Senators left afterwards in tears.

I am pretty courageous but I’m not certain I have the courage that Romney displayed.

The ugly names he is certain to be called, the insinuations about his motives, the attacks Trump and his henchmen will unleash, the danger he and his family will face—I pray for the Romneys.

I am certain of one thing. His speech will be read and memorized for decades, not simply because it is eloquent. It is. But because it is in the fullest sense of the word noble.

Please invest 8:40 minutes of your time before you reach a judgment.

I did, and think it is one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard.

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