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Cope With Difficult People: Ask Them This Question

What You Say When You Are Asked A Question That You Don’t Wish To Answer by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. If someone asks you a pointed question that’s intrusive or impertinent, turn the tables on them by asking: “Does it matter?” … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quotes You Can Use Part 1

What You Say To Begin Or Conclude Speeches, Articles, and Books One of the very best ways to begin or end a speech, article, or book is with a great quote. To begin a speech on change, for example, you … Continue reading

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Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult People: The Sniper “A ‘Sniper,’ according to Robert M. Bramson, is someone who maintains a cover, if often thin or transparent,  from behind which they take pot shots at you.   That’s a definition from a terrific book:  … Continue reading

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