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A Telephone Technique, A Selling Technique, And A Time Management Technique All In One. At the very start of any call–whether on the phone or in person– always ask  how much time you will have. There’s an  important reason for … Continue reading

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Sales Skills: How To Deal With An Objection And Close The Deal

How To Sell: Differentiate Yourself From What’s Been Tried Before Here’s a technique that has been used effectively by one of our contributors, super-salesman and philanthropist Hervey Ross.  Try it whenever someone objects,  “We’ve tried that before, and it did … Continue reading

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Affirmations: What You Say When You Make An Affirmation

Why Daily Affirmations Can Make A Difference: The Ideas of Florence Scovel Shinn Steve Nicklin, the CEO of highly regarded Nicklin Property Management in Los Vegas, credits much of his business success to his reading “The Power Of The Spoken … Continue reading

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Customer Service: Complaints

Deal With Complaints ASAP. If you don’t respond quickly to a complaint, you’ll soon have two complaints: the original complaint plus another complaint about your delay. With more and more potential customers who use the Internet checking on reputations, keeping … Continue reading

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