The Children of Immigrants: Scapegoats or Treasures?

Simple Simon Says The Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Be Treated Like Criminals
By Simple Simon

The other day Simple Simon read about plight of an honor student–let’s call her Lisa.  Lisa is a senior at a state university, but she won’t get to graduate.  It has nothing to do with grades.  Her grades are excellent.

She has been outed as an illegal.   Lisa looks like an American, talks like an American, and thinks of herself as an American.  She  grew up here, all her friends are here, she has never left this country, and she never wants to leave. Her crime?  Lisa had the bad judgment to accompany her parents to this country when she was three years old, oblivious to the fact that her parents had no papers.  Clearly bad judgment on her part.

There are literally millions of children whose parents are undocumented who have the same problem. Millions. Virtually all of these children will never leave the good old USA of their own volition, and there’s no way in hell will they all be deported.

What to do with them? Persecute them? Make them scapegoats for the sins of their parents?

That’s what the legislature in Lisa’s state has decided to do. In their collective wisdom, they have voted to keep all but the documented out of state colleges and universities. No tax-funded subsidies and schooling for them.

This decision appeals to people who believe that giving illegals the same schooling as the native-born is just one more example of government waste.  Don’t talk to them about a Dream Act.  Dream on!

Simple Simon says these people have a point…if one thinks in terms of just dollars and cents, and if one thinks short-term, not long-term. No doubt billions of dollars could be saved if all of these children were banned from all public schools.  Now there’s a way to deal with deficits.

But think long-term. Do we really want to create an underclass of undereducated, resentful individuals.  They will grow up. Soon.The question is what will they be like when they grow up?

Simple Simon says they are here, and they will remain here, legal or not.

One more thing.  Americans should not get too hung up on this business of being legal.  Being an illegal is a great American tradition.

For example, the Proclamation of 1763 strictly forbade British colonists from settling west of the Appalachians. There were actually about 10,000 British troops serving as a kind of border patrol.

Hence, those early American pioneers who swarmed westward, squatting on land they did not own, were, well, illegals.  Daniel Boone, iconic frontiersman, was actually engaged in illegal activity when he led settlers through the Cumberland Gap from Kentucky to Tennessee.  In today’s parlance, Daniel Boone was a smuggler of illegals.Ironically, some of those screaming loudest about illegals are descendants of yesterday’s illegals.

Here’s an idea.  Why don’t we start viewing today’s “illegals” as a gift to an aging, graying American that often is generous, but sometimes becomes cranky, stingy, and hypocritical

These children are a gift that will keep on giving.  If they’re treated right, and invested in properly, today’s American illegals will become tomorrow’s physicians and nurses,  school teachers and firefighters, sailors and soldiers and pilots, judges and mayors and, one day, President.

They are America’s future. They are what America is already starting to look like .

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