Trump and King Herod

  1. Insider commentary

Trump appears headed toward an odious place in history—as KING HEROD OF AMERICA

If that scenario sounds hyperbolic, consider this.

According to sacred history, King Herod of Judea ordered children to be killed so that he could stay in power.

Trump will never order children to be killed.

But he will order them to go to unsafe schools where they will be exposed to the mysterious killer virus.

And turn innocents into spreaders.

Trump will do anything to stay in power. Anything

Trump’s enablers will endanger teachers and cafeteria workers and maids and janitors and bus drivers…and children in order to proclaim what a fine job Trump is doing.

Trump’s says he will cut off school funding if he’s not obeyed.

He’s deadly serious. Trump has to be. The stakes are high.

If this prediction sounds grim. So is the protagonist.

Do you think the lust for power ended with the Borgias, or King John, or King Herod of Judes?

This adversary is powerful and ruthless.

The children that Herod killed are remembered today as The Holy Innocents.

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