Trump Supporter Cripples U.S. Postal Service

The attack on the Postal Service has convinced me that Trump is not just incompetent, he’s extremely dangerous.

On the Postmaster General’s orders, they didn’t just quit picking up mail at the blue boxes. They spent money that they say they don’t have to haul them off.

They didn’t just stop using sophisticated high-speed sorting machines.

They dismantled them. Dumped them in the trash. Set them out in the rain to ruin.


So it would be a fait accompli.

They are brazen, without shame.

Polite complaints won’t deter them.

If Trump and his henchmen will do this, what else will they do? Their capacity for evil seems bottomless.

What can you do to stop them?


#Veterans have taken it upon themselves to “adopt” a mailbox and protect it from removal.

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