Trump’s Folly

When Insanity and Incompetence Combine

If you think the the economy is bad when you see unemployment numbers….You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Just wait till states and local governments start laying off police, firefighters, teachers, principals, deputies, clerks and secretaries and officials who issue car titles and drivers licenses and court documents.

Just wait till retired school teachers and police and firefighters don’t get their pension checks.

Just wait till the Postal Service lays off mail carriers.

Trump and McConnell think the economy is limited to the private sector.

Remember when Trump said the states and local governments should deal with the pandemic?

Now Trump and McConnell refuse to help them financially. Won’t throw them a lifeline.

McConnell says he’s taking a pause.

Let the states go bankrupt? Let cities and counties go bankrupt?
Let the Postal Service go bankrupt?

Insanity is not what you call it. Too tame. Too polite.

It’s Folly. Trump’s Folly

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