Trump’s Wall: What’s In A Word

Trump’s Wall

Donald Trump has said if we don’t think a wall will work we should ask the Israelis. Well, the Israelis don’t like to call their wall a wall, so they are probably not the best people to ask

Perhaps we should ask the Russians how well walls work. The Berlin Wall didn’t work out all that well.

Perhaps we should ask the Chinese how the Great Wall of China worked out.  (Hint.The Manchu Qing marched through it and overthrew the wall-building Ming dynasty. )

Or maybe we should ask the Romans how well Hadrian’s Wall worked out. (Hint. It was abandoned within three decades after it was built.)

A big lesson can be learned from the history of walls. They’re really expensive to build, maintain, and protect, and soon or later they become ruins or tourist attractions… usually sooner than later.

And there’s a question that needs to be asked.

How in the world did the United States manage to survive, indeed thrive, for going on three centuries without a big, beautiful wall?

If we must have a wall in order to have integrity as a nation, shouldn’t we start building a northern wall to save us from the Canadians?

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