Men. If you are dating, flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day. Always. Even if you give her chocolates or jewelry. If you’re out of town, send flowers.

If you’re dating that night, deliver them in person. Or, you can have them delivered two or three days before your date so that she can enjoy them early…and have sweet thoughts about you. And it could make the evening very pleasant.

One of our contributors uses a florist in an up-scale grocery (Whole Foods). He likes the selection, and believes that he saves a few dollars. However, he chooses from among the most expensive arrangements. Whatever florist you use, you must not look cheap.

Our experts are divided about what kind of flower is best for Valentine’s. Roses are always appreciated, but they are fragile. One expert prefers beautiful, showy orchids because they make a great impression, look expensive, and last for days, sometimes weeks.

Men. Valentine’s Day is a good time to remember women friends and acquaintances in business, like realtors, insurance agents, gatekeepers, clients, etc. Don’t deliver them yourself. Send them. If you give flowers in the office, be sure that you don’t stir up jealousy. You are safe if you give flowers to your secretary or administrative assistant, but it can get risky if you go beyond that.

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