The Social Intelligence of Abraham Lincoln

by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Abraham Lincoln’s social intelligence was astonishing.  He was sensitive to other people’s feelings and moods, and he was particularly adept at reading people.  Lincoln had an uncanny knack for understanding the motivations of others.    And he was skillful at getting others to cooperate in pursuing important goals and dreams.  All of these qualities are essential to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner’s calls “interpersonal intelligence.”

(Gardner is known for his work on multiple intelligences.  Lincoln, incidentally, was probably genius level on another category of Gardner’s taxonomy: verbal-linguistic intelligence.)

Four words can be used to describe Lincoln’s interpersonal relationship skills.  His communication style involved an interplay between verbal-linguistic intelligence and interpersonal intelligence.
AMIABILITY: Lincoln was pleasant and approachable, and avoided letting arguments grow into quarrels.
CHEERFULNESS: Lincoln experienced bouts of deep depression, but he somehow managed to keep his dark moods from destroying his relationships with friends, family, associates, politicians, the military, and the public.  This required enormous will power and emotional strength.
MAGNANIMITY: Lincoln was a fierce fighter for causes that he believed in.  During his early career, he sometimes resorted to petty, viciously personal attacks.  But as he matured, even his enemies conceded that Lincoln was generous in victory and gracious in defeat.
COURTESY: Sophisticates in Washington looked down on Lincoln at first, but gradually they recognized that this unschooled man from the prairies possessed a refined sensibility toward other people’s feelings.

If you are looking for someone with impressive interpersonal skills to model, there are few living or dead who were better at it than Abraham Lincoln. You might want to consider the four highlighted words above as words to live by as your personal guideposts. For in-depth information on the values that guided Lincoln’s personal relationships, read my book “The Words Lincoln Lived By.“

It is not a stretch, nor an exercise in hagiography, to say that Lincoln’s interpersonal intelligence was at genius level.

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