Etiquette: How To Expedite Service At A Restaurant

Time Saver and Power Phrase At Restaurant:
Ask For The Check Before You Finish The Meal.

Asking your server for the check before you finish the meal will save you several minutes almost every time that you eat out. As you probably have already noticed, servers seem to disappear toward the end of meals.

Here’s what to do. Midway through the meal, say, when the server appears to ask if you’d like dessert or coffee, present your credit card. Simultaneously request that he/she bring the check when the desert or coffee is served.

It helps to use a benefit statement, such as, “Let me save you a few steps,” or an explanation:  “I’m going to have to rush out the door as soon as I finish eating.  It would really help if I could take care of the bill early on.” (Power phrase/statement in bold.)

I have used this technique for years.  Its beauty is that after your request is complied with, you can look at the bill in a leisurely manner while you’re finishing your meal, sign the credit card form, and then when you’re ready to leave, you simply do so without waiting for the server to reappear.

One further benefit.  This technique can save you money.  As many as 3 out of 10 restaurant checks will have a mathematical error, often in the restaurant’s favor.  If you take the time to look over your check, you will benefit for the care taken.

(Power phrase is in bold.)

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