Customer Service: Complaints

Deal With Complaints ASAP.

If you don’t respond quickly to a complaint, you’ll soon have two complaints: the original complaint plus another complaint about your delay.

With more and more potential customers who use the Internet checking on reputations, keeping your good name is more important than ever.

Dealing with complaints quickly and skillfully makes friends, keeps customers, gets new ones, and enhances your reputation.

Here’s a comment from Gene Griessman, Ph.D.:  “Stanley Marcus once told me that answering complaints promptly and generously helped create the  Neiman-Marcus brand.

In that same vein, consultant Alan Weiss reported that one of his clients—an automobile dealership with the highest customer-loyalty rating in the nation—believed that “problems” had created their highly loyal customers. The owner explained that he and his people dealt with complaints carefully, generously, and promptly. Satisfied complainers become his unpaid advertisers.

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