Business Strategy: When To Say What You Say

How To Get Past The Gatekeepers

Think and call strategically:  Call early, call at lunchtime, call late.

Make your calls at times when you are most likely to reach your target person. This tip is especially suited for people in sales, but it works for anyone who needs to get past a gatekeeper, make an appointment, submit a request, or present a product, idea, or service.

Gatekeepers can be wickedly efficient. But gatekeepers tend to be clock-watchers, coming in predictably around 8 or 9, taking lunch at noon, and leaving at 5.

By contrast, decision makers come to the office early, stay late, and sometimes work through lunch.

This lapse in coverage provides a way for you to get through to the decision-maker. If you call when the gatekeeper isn’t there, you may find to your delight that the decision-maker answers the phone personally. Be prepared to seize the opportunity.

Years ago when I called very early to land a TV interview with a hard-to-reach U.S. Senator, the Senator himself picked up the phone.  I was able to get the Senator’s personal commitment for a TV interview, an interview that later aired in prime time.

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