Who is a Socialist?

Who Is A Socialist?
“We will never be a socialist country.” —Donald Trump, (the State of the Union Address, 2019)

Right-wing trolls regularly call Obama, and all Democrats, socialists…like that’s something really, really bad.

So, let’s define what the relevant words actually mean.

First, “capitalism.”

Capitalism is an economic system with private property and markets.

I personally believe in private property and markets…with a tough cop on the beat to regulate the markets.

That makes me a capitalist.

Now “socialism.”

Socialism is an economic system wherein the government plays a major role in basic functions of a society…such as education, healthcare, providing for the elderly, etc.

I believe the government should play an important role in the basic functions of society.

For years I was a professor at large state universities. (Libertarians call them “government schools.”). I get Social Security checks and I am on Medicare.

That makes me a socialist.

Truth be told, the US economy is a mixed economy. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

So…We are all capitalists. We are all socialists.

And, we already are a socialist country. We have been one for a very long time.

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