Why Trump Scares People

A reader wrote me that Trump is deep inside my head. Below is my response.

Trump is indeed deep in my head and in the head of millions of Americans who fear a tyrant, who believe in checks and balances, who know that our founders did not want a king, who see that Trump is vengeful, impulsive, and rash, that he is hell-bent on destroying all who criticize and oppose him.

Some favorable economic data cannot camouflage Trump’s path to unchecked power.

Step by step he is doing what every dictator does. He knows the playbook.

So you are right. Trump is deeply in
my head. He scares me.

What scares me more are his followers who do not see what is plain as day.

None so blind as he who will not see.

I wish he scared you.

Gene Griessman is an internationally known keynote speaker, actor, and communication strategist. His book “TheWords Lincoln Lived By” is in its 23rd printing and “Time Tactics of Very Successful People” is in its 43rd printing. His training video “Lincoln on Communication” is owned by thousands of corporations, libraries, and government organizations. He has spoken at conventions and annual meetings all over the world. To learn more about his presentations, call 404-435-2225. Learn more at Atlanta Speakers Bureau or at his website. His latest book “Lincoln and Obama” has just been released by Audible.
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