Writing A Thank-You Note: email

The Email Thank-You Note
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Everybody writes thank-you notes, or should write them. If you don’t, you are missing out one on the best ways imaginable to build strong and enduring relationships.

But you are busy. Real busy.

Is it ever proper to use email to send a thank-you note?



Here’s good advice from Kelly Browne’s delightful and helpful book “101 Ways To Say Thank You.” “While e-mail is the least preferred way in which to send a formal thank-you note, it is a wonderful alternative in business, causal, and personal relationships. For example, if your best friend gave you her favorite recipe or sent you an article on a subject of interest to you, it would be perfectly fine to send an email thank-you. On the other hand, you should never use it to send thank-you notes for wedding presents or baby gifts.”

Kelly Browne concludes: “If you aren’t sure about sending an email thank-you note, don’t. Just remember, handwritten notes are always greatly appreciated.”

(Whatyousay recommends that if your penmanship is woeful—in other words, if it looks like the scrawling of a fourth-grader—do not write the entire note. Instead purchase an expensive commercial thank-you card and write a truly personal note at the bottom of the card.).

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