Good Advice About Love

Ovid, the great Roman poet, wrote a lot about the topic.  This particular advice is to men about the best way to keep a mistress happy, but it is timeless advice for any romantic relationship, whether you’re male or female:
“Keep away from controversy and bitter-tongued quarrels!  Love must be treated with soft, sweet words.  Let husbands fight with their wives, and let wives sue their husbands, who it seems, are always on the verge of getting a divorce.

That is fine for the married woman: nagging arguments are the dowry of a wife.  Let your mistress hear only happy sounds.  Not by any law’s command have you come to the same bed.  In your case it is love which performs the duties of the law.  Bring her words that delight her ears, and tender caresses, so that she will be happy that you come to see her.”


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